Celebrating our 100 birthday in 2013, the story of the Cassely Fairground began three generations ago. Starting with swing boats and a rifle range, it was the beginning of the travelling fun park. Today Cassely’s Xtreme Funfair boasts some of the most up to date equipment in Ireland. Cassely’s continuing success is marked by regularly bringing new and spectacular fairground attractions to the public of Ireland annually, while having a quality concern for Health & Safety.

The company is run by Albert and Colette Cassely and with over forty years experience in the industry they are some of the most respected operators in Ireland today.We are always looking at ways to improve the public’s experience at our events and we try to make every dream come true here at Xtreme Funfair, thanks to the many people who make up the company and those of you who help make it possible for our Funfair to bring entertainment from town to town yearly.